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Composer, Pianist and Conductor

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EunSeok Park, originally from South Korea, holds a D.M.A. in Music Composition from the Ohio State University where he studied with Jan Radzynski. He has taught at the Ohio State University. He is currently a faculty at Ohio Wesleyan University, and teaching composition, music theory, and music technology. In 2012, he was composer-in-residence at the Ohio State Symphony Orchestra. He has created a variety of works both acoustic and electronic. His works have been programmed at the Society of Composers, Inc. National Conference, the Ohio Contemporary Music Festival, the New Music Collective, Performance 20/20 Prism Concert, the Daism Contemporary Music Festival in South Korea, the Denison University New Music Festival, and others. His recent compositions have broadly ranged from full orchestra to smaller chamber works and electronic music.

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He holds MM and AD degrees in Music Composition from the Hartt School, University of Hartford. His principal composition teacher includes Donald Harris, David MacBride, Stephen M. Gryc, ChangJae Kim, and Robert Carl.



Prelude for Solo Piano No. 2 (2023)
Prelude for Solo Piano No. 1 (2022)
Moments for Solo V. Cello (2018)
Flow for Prepared Piano and Percussions (2013)
Sanjo for Solo Violin (2012)
Duality for Violin and Flute (2009)
Battleship Potemkin for Chamber Orchestra (Film Scoring) (2008)
Quintet for Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Vibraphone and Piano (2007)


예수는 나의 힘이요 (Jesus is All the World to Me) for SATB and Piano (2023)

시편 1편 (Psalm 1) for SATB and Piano (2023)

어려운 일 당할 때 (Simply Trusting Everyday) for SATB and Piano (2023)

예수가 우리를 부르는 소리 (Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling) for SATB and Piano (2023)

수고하고 무거운 짐진 자들아(All you who are weary and burdened)  for SATB and Piano (2023)

곧 오소서 평화의 왕 (The King of Piece) for SATB and Piano (2022)

주 하나님의 사랑은 for SATB and Piano (2022)
나의 영원하신 기업 (Close to Thee) for SATB and Piano (2022)
주 예수와 동행하니 (Where Jesus is 'Tis Heaven) for SATB and Piano (2021)
Psalm 23 for Soprano, Alto Flute, and Piano (2019)
Look at the Lord for SATB and Piano (2019)
Agnus Dei for SATB (2007)


Stroke for Electronic sound and Flexatone (2011)

At the time of Virtual Image for Electronic sound (2010)

Nostalgia for Electronic sound and Piano (2004)


Cloud, Light, and Rain for Violin and Strings (2021)
Piano Concerto for Piano and Wind Symphony (2014)
Rainforest for Orchestra (2012)
Dawning for Orchestra (2007)

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예수나의기쁨22집_18. 주 예수와 동행하니 _ 박은석

예수나의기쁨22집_18. 주 예수와 동행하니 _ 박은석

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[샬롬의 노래 18] 23. 주 하나님의 사랑은(박은석 작곡)

[샬롬의 노래 18] 23. 주 하나님의 사랑은(박은석 작곡)

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[중앙아트] 중앙성가 44집 25. 나의 영원하신 기업 - 합창

[중앙아트] 중앙성가 44집 25. 나의 영원하신 기업 - 합창

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EunSeok Park - Psalm 23 (2019)

EunSeok Park - Psalm 23 (2019)

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